New book helps explain Tucson Water supply

contestedI was browsing around and caught this book review by the Tucson Weekly on a new book about the Colorado River titled Contested Waters.

Why should you care? As the book points out, the Colorado River is a lifeline for the future of Tucson water as well as that for other cities like Phoenix, Denver, San Diego, Los Angeles and the Imperial Valley of California. Can you say Water Fight???

Tucson water comes in large part from the Central Arizona Project, which pumps its water from the Colorado River. The reason for doing this is Tucson water is in short supply, so we get water through a canal to supplement our drying up natural water supply.

I’m excited about this book because it appears to be well researched and recommended not just by the Tucson Weekly but by other sources as well. I suspect It will be a recommended read here as well, since we all know how terrible Tucson water can be and what the need is for conservation.

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